Churches Together in Southwell

Living Waters CTS March Update

  • We originally began with a group of people who had come together

    to pray weekly for Southwell and the UK, approximately 27 years


     We started meeting on a Sunday with just 13 people in the WI Hall,

    and moved to various other locations over the years, including

    Lowes Wong Junior School, the Horological Museum in Upton, then

    leasing our own Centre above Gascoignes on Church Street for

    several years. When that became too expensive, we then moved to

    the Minster Centre across the road, followed by Thurgarton Village

    Hall for many years. The fellowship grew with many people joining

    us from a radius of approximately 25 miles. Our pastors were

    Warren and Jolene Young from New Zealand and the USA and they

    stayed for a number of years before returning to the States, when

    Michael and Barb Martin became our leaders. After a few years we

    began to meet in homes and currently meet at Michael and


     Our main focus was, and still is, Worship and Intercession and our

    vision was to become a hub which reached out to small groups in

    the surrounding villages. Two other pillars of our Constitution are

    Israel and Evangelism. For many years we held a weekly prayer

    meeting called “7:14”, taken from 2 Chronicles 7:14: “If my people

    who are called by My Name will humble themselves and pray and

    seek My face…”. This was held in the Methodist Church Upper room

    and all the churches in the town were invited and regularly updated.

    7:14 Prayer still takes place every Thursday morning at Michael and

    Barbara’s, followed by Bible Study.

     We also held a monthly meeting called “Shofar” which focussed on

    teaching Christians more about God’s love of Israel and His eternal

    promises to them and the Church. Again, all Southwell churches

    were invited but mostly people from far and wide across 3 counties

    attended for many years. We have now passed this ministry over to

    CMJ UK, (The Churches Ministry Amongst the Jewish People), based

    in Farns?eld, and it has now become a successful quarterly Zoom

    meeting with a variety of excellent speakers.

     Pat (Jamie) was a part of SCC for many years, particularly with her

    involvement with the Fair Trade Movement. She set up the

    Turnaround Charity shop, funded by Sherwood Forest Christian

    Centre in Blidworth, and recruited many volunteers from all the

    Southwell churches, and installed Traidcraft crafts and wholefoods in

    the shop. She worked together with many others to help Southwell

    become a Fair Trade Town.

     Michael and Barbara were involved with the setting up and running

    of Newark and Southwell Street Pastors and were out patrolling the

    streets/parks on Friday and Saturday evenings until things

    quietened down considerably in both towns and the Street Pastors

    were no longer needed.