Churches Together in Southwell

CMJ CTS March Update

March 2024

CMJ UK celebrated its 215th birthday this year, you can find more information of the history of CMJ UK and all planned events at


The three-fold ministry of CMJ UK is Engagement, Education and Encouragement & Support.



CMJ UK has three Community Base Engagers who are actively involved in being a witness to the Jewish Communities of North London, Manchester and the Midlands. We are involved in regular street outreach, and attend New Age festivals (which often see

many Jewish people as well as other people groups who are seeking God). Oliver has redesigned the JET (Jewish Engagement Training) programme (see leaflet enclosed). This

is aimed at anyone who seeks positive ways to support and connect with their Jewish friends and neighbours.



We seek to encourage Churches to engage with the Jewish community around them and to support Christians into a deeper understanding of the Jewish Scriptures, the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles. We also love to demonstrate, in practical ways, the revelation oy Yeshua contained within the Biblical feasts and



We arrange tours to Israel and information can be found on our website. Phil (a Trustee) has written a programme ‘Exploring Israel with Jesus’ without a five hour flight. This

currently is being delivered within Christian Retreat Centres but can be adapted for a weekend or day event within a Church.

We have a Bible Comes to Life Exhibition provides ‘Awe and Wonder moments’ to all 

This gives a hands on experience of Biblical Life and experience the fascinating artefacts that illustrate the foundation of our Jewish and Christian Faith.

CMJ UK have an annual conference and this event gives support, encouragement, teaching and insight in to Jesus for all ages. We run a creche, a children’s ministry, youth ministry and adult ministry. We also oer discounts for church bookings, home

fellowships and youth groups.


Encouragement & Support:

We recognise the need to encourage and support Messianic Believers. We offer support to the work that CMJ Israel are doing among Messianic Believers in Jerusalem, the

Galilee and Tel Aviv. We are linked to the British messianic Jewish Alliance and can always find a way to connect with other like-minded Jewish Believers.