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Group contact

Brian Dewing

Tel: 01636 812049

Email:  Brian Dewing


John Green

Tel: 01636 816766

Email:  John Green


Paul Birks

Tel: 01636 812023

Email: Paul Birks


To find out more about TFSR, visit the TFSR website

Tools for Self Reliance (TFSR) receives unwanted hand tools, sorts, cleans and refurbishes them, and they are then sent through the National Charity HQ to meet many local needs in Tanzania, Uganda, Seira Leone, Ghana and Malawi. In South­well, a local TFSR group started in January 2001, based in the basement of the Methodist Church.
Around 10 volunteers meet twice monthly on Monday evenings 6.30–9.00 pm for an active work session under the Methodist Church. There are also opportunities for volunteers who wish to take tools and work at home.

Tools needed are any for hand work in wood, metal, leather, building, general and vehicle maintenance, as well as sewing machines. The charity can accept both electric and hand sew­ing machines. The group has sent over 125 kits, totalling almost 6,600 tools, and over 160 sewing machines.

TFSR also fund the transportation of the tools to the relevant country and provide training to the recipients to improve the quality of their products, marketing and how to manage the business effectively. The recipients in Tanzania, for example, only pay for the transportation of the tool kits from the docks to their place of work, and are asked to make a small contribution towards the training.

If you have tools or time on your hands and you feel your gifts can help, or you wish to make a financial contribution, please make contact.